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Our Asbestos Removal Service

Our Asbestos Removal Service is dedicated to demonstrating the possibilities whilst maintaining responsible business practices. We do this by acknowledging the dangers that asbestos material contains. We use our time, energies and profits wisely and within our points of culture in order to produce the best possible outcome during our management and removal of these hazardous waste materials.

Bonded asbestos has been mixed with other products to form building materials commonly found in houses and home units. It is extremely important that the asbestos on your property is removed safely since its incorrect removal can present a substantial health risk to you, your family, your employees and your colleagues.

We strive to work in co-operation with customers, suppliers, employees and competitors. We continually look for better outcomes and train all our technicians to do the same.

Typical Materials That Contain Asbestos: Common building materials that contain asbestos include corrugated asbestos cement roofs, roof shingles, gutters and downpipes, internal and external walls, ceilings, electrical backing boards in meter boxes, vinyl floor coverings, hot water tank flues, asbestos cement pipes.

Working With Asbestos

There are no significant health risks if asbestos containing materials are maintained in good condition, however, safety precautions must be taken in any situation where dust could be generated and drilling, cutting, demolishing, sawing, nailing and scraping of asbestos products including fibro should be avoided.

Suspect Material

Suspect Material

THINK YOU HAVE FOUND ASBESTOS; Firstly do not touch or disturb the material, call our free phone line immediately who will arrange for one of our trained technicians to attend and contain the material before removing a small piece for testing, after the results are confirmed a plan will be produced for the removal and correct disposal of the product.

Asbestos Testing Service

Asbestos Testing Service

Our administration department will be happy to arrange for one of our qualified technicians to attend you property and safely remove a sample piece of the suspect material, after which the material will be tested in our approved Laboratory and the results returned within 24hrs along will an advisory action plan and recommendation.

Commitment to Safety

Commitment to Safety

Unrivalled performance in Safety, Health and the Environment is key to our success. To enable this, our people are professionally trained, empowered and supported by a structure which has evolved over the last twenty five years and is the envy of our competitors. With quality assured procedures, a national presence and the desire to deliver value and innovation, you can be sure that Roofcare will be key not only in ensuring that you remain legally compliant, but that your project is planned and completed with your values and priorities at its core.


  • May I congratulate you and your company for some of the best customer service and communication I have experienced, this made my task much easier. With the house being able to dry out I am now looking forward to making my sister`s life a lot more comfortable and pleasant. Many Thanks

    Mr Heath, Bebington

  • We would like to take this opportunity to thank Scott and the technicians whom completed our works for their speedy response in such poor adverse weather conditions. Many Thanks

    Mr Evans, Wallasey

  • Would you kindly pass on our compliments to the operatives whom completed our works, they were extremely courteous, friendly and professional throughout.

    Mrs Maclay, Wirral

  • May I take this opportunity to express my thanks to your company and the staff whom completed my works in particular. They worked so hard and non-stop. They cleaned up so well one wouldn’t of known they had been on my property, they are a credit to your company. I shall have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone who has a roof problem.

    Mr & Mrs Tipton, Wirral


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