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The real cost of flat roof repair

Flat roofs have a bit of a bad reputation. However this is unfounded as they offer many advantages for buildings. Here we discuss the real cost of flat roof repair and how you can maintain a flat roof to prevent such unnecessary repairs.

One such advantage is they can be better at keeping properties warmer by absorbing more sunlight than a traditional slanted roof. Flat roofs are also far more accessible than a slanted roof and allow for easy inspection and repair. If you’re still not convinced then consider cost, as flat roofs are easier to install they are normally considerably cheaper than a slanted roof.

Flat Roof

Now you’re on side with the fact that flat roofs are great idea, it’s time to consider how and why they have such a bad reputation to begin with and how to avoid and reduce flat roof repair costs. Let looks at common problems with flat roofs and how they can be avoided.

Flat roofs should not be ignored, just because it’s out of site doesn’t mean a flat roof should be out of mind. Property owners often don’t inspect a flat rook or maintain it until there is a problem. Prevention is the key to a flat roof and if you know what you’re looking for then it’s easy to keep a flat roof in good repair indefinitely.

Here are Wirral Roofcare’s top five reason for flat roof repair in the UK.

  1. Probably the easiest to spot and the cause of most flat roof repair work is standing water. It is estimated that standing water can start to damage a flat roof if left for 72 hours, so you need to check your flat roof at least every week in wet weather. Standing water is normally caused by one of two things.
  2. The first cause of flat roof repair is more often than not caused by poor drainage such as a blocked or broken drain which can cause water to back up and remain standing on the flat roofs surface. The second reason is your flat roof is too flat! The name flat room is a bit of a misnomer, flat roofs should always have a slight incline to allow water to drain away naturally and reduce the risk of water standing on the roof.
  3. Not as easy to spot as standing water but still visible to the naked eye is blistering. Blistering is caused by moisture being trapped in the flat roof membrane. This can lead to the membrane separating from the material below. Blistering is a very common flat roof problem and gets worse in daylight hours as the suns heat can make the moisture trapped between the membranes expand. So it is a good idea to inspect your flat roof for blistering on a warm day.
  4. At number three we have Thermal Movement. Building materials should have the ability to expand and contract with hot and cold conditions. If they don’t then damage will occur and water and moisture will be able to penetrate the flat roof membrane and cause damage. When inspecting a roof look for cracks along edges which could be caused by thermal movement.
  5. Worn areas of a flat roof are caused by heavy traffic, not just from you going up on the roof every week to inspect for damage but the lovely British weather that the roof has to deal with during the winter and summer. Look out for wear and tear on the flat roof and make sure that there are no loose objects that could cause wear and tear such as branches, old tyres or loose cables.
  6. Due to the importance of good drainage on a flat roof the final cause of flat roof repair we need to look at is flashing. Flashing is used to cover the joins and junctions on your flat roof. Flashing can become worn or damaged and often appear cracked over time.

All of these flat roof problems can be repaired relatively easily if found early. This highlights the importance of regularly inspecting your flat roof for any of these defects. It’s also worth considering having a full survey carried out on your flat roof. Such surveys use thermal imaging to locate trouble spots that cannot be seen with the naked eye.


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