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Roofs – A Ticking Bomb

Despite British homes often being ravaged by high winds and inclement weather, 86 per cent of UK home owners neglect to periodically inspect their roofs for possible damage, according to a new survey conducted by consumer advice. Just over three per cent of homeowners check their roof once a year, while more than 40 per cent admit to never checking their roof. It has been proven that annually inspections of your roof covering can reduce the risk of storm damage by over 75%, Call us now for your free roof check.


  • May I congratulate you and your company for some of the best customer service and communication I have experienced, this made my task much easier. With the house being able to dry out I am now looking forward to making my sister`s life a lot more comfortable and pleasant. Many Thanks

    Mr Heath, Bebington

  • We would like to take this opportunity to thank Scott and the technicians whom completed our works for their speedy response in such poor adverse weather conditions. Many Thanks

    Mr Evans, Wallasey

  • Would you kindly pass on our compliments to the operatives whom completed our works, they were extremely courteous, friendly and professional throughout.

    Mrs Maclay, Wirral

  • May I take this opportunity to express my thanks to your company and the staff whom completed my works in particular. They worked so hard and non-stop. They cleaned up so well one wouldn’t of known they had been on my property, they are a credit to your company. I shall have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone who has a roof problem.

    Mr & Mrs Tipton, Wirral


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